Experienced Educators

NSU University School teachers are passionate and well-qualified educators who facilitate collaboration, active learning, and personalized instruction in each of their classrooms. They develop deep, enduring connections with their students and support them in the classroom, on stage, and on the athletic fields.

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A Personalized Approach

Xem xổ số minh ngọcUSchool teachers ignite a genuine love of learning within their students and use proven teaching strategies tailored to meet their individual needs. Our personalized approach and small class sizes ensure that teachers get to know each child’s unique interests, strengths, goals, and learning style. As a result, our students become confident and self-driven, both traits admired in college and beyond.

Committed to Best Practices

NSU University School is a fully accredited, private school, and as such, our teachers are held to the highest teaching standards. They model innovative teaching methods and understand the importance of continuously developing and refining their own best practices in teaching. They pursue advanced degrees, attend local and national conferences, and also collaborate regularly to share learning strategies, which results in an educational experience that is transformative, innovative, and unique.


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Faculty Spotlight

Associate Head of Academic Affairs Robyn Kaiyal Completes the 2019 National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy

Congratulations to Associate Head of Academic Affairs Robyn Kaiyal for completing the 2019 National Inclusive Excellence Leadership Academy (NIXLA) – an online strategic diversity leadership development and institutional transformation program. The immersive, highly selective five-week program offered Kaiyal an invaluable opportunity to further develop her skills as a leader and identify powerful institutional strategies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion at NSU University School.

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Ms. Alicia Anania

Middle School instructor Alicia Anania has been teaching science at NSU University School (USchool) for the past five years. Originally from Connecticut, Anania moved to Florida about eight years ago and obtained her bachelor's degree in marine science from Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

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Ms. Ann Marie Sellers

Xem xổ số minh ngọcUpper School English department chair and teacher Ms. Ann Marie Sellers has 13 years of teaching experience, and we have been fortunate to have her at NSU University School for six of those years teaching English 10 Honors and Independent Research Study.

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Ms. Michele Garren

Lower School Innovation Lab Instructor, Ms. Michele Garren, is one of our in-house STEM experts and enthusiasts who teaches engineering, electronics, robotics, and coding to students beginning in junior kindergarten and progressing through fifth grade in our cutting-edge Innovation Lab.

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Ms. Hong Jia

Middle School Chinese teacher Ms. Hong Jia has taught at NSU University School for 14 years and has not only helped our students learn about Chinese language, history, and culture, but also develop an appreciation for all nationalities. As an advisor for the Middle School Diversity Club, she encourages students in grades 6-8 to recognize and celebrate the rich diversity in our school.

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Ms. Elizabeth Haglund

Fourth grade teacher and team leader Ms. Elizabeth Haglund has taught at NSU University School for seven years, starting out as a second grade teacher in our program, which offers personalized educational support for our Lower School students.

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Dr. Judith Roberts

Middle School Global Studies teacher Judith Roberts, Ph.D., has served as an educator, mentor, and leader at NSU University School for the past 13 years, having served as the faculty advisor for the Middle School Diversity Club as well.

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Mr. Kevin Dibert

Mr. Kevin Dibert has been making an impact here at NSU University School for 13 years as an Upper School teacher and advisor for the World in Distress (WIND) Club, STEM Club, the Math Team, and Mu Alpha Theta.

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